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Transition To Secondary

The two schools we most frequently feed into are:

  1. Selston High School - PH: 01773 810321
  2. Hall Park Academy - PH: 01773 786 212

In order to find their current information on transition into Year 7 please either call them or read their transition information on their website.

  1. Selston High School - 
  2. Hall Park Academy - 

SHS have provided this useful information for Parents and Carers

The move to secondary school, for many parents/carers, is a time of major change which can bring anticipation and anxiety. Some parents who have experienced this move before with older children will be more familiar and probably more confident about the process. However, even for ‘experienced’ parents, and especially for ‘first time’ parents, there can be many uncertainties. At Selston High School, we appreciate that every child is different and will respond to the step up differently.

Moving to secondary school is the time when many parents see their child as becoming more independent. Children need to be able to learn how to manage their own lives with help and support along the way. They need to be encouraged to try new things and to take risks with you as their parents, and us as a school, as their safety net. By encouraging children to be more independent and responsible for themselves when they move to secondary school, you will be helping them to become confident and competent about managing their own lives and making sensible decisions.

We believe in promoting a positive and resilient environment where our students are praised for their efforts and attempts to get things right. Below are a few things that you can do as parents to support your child with the move up to Selston High School.


At Selston High, we believe in having strong relationships with parents/carers as well as our students, to ensure a collective support system for your child which will allow them to flourish. Parents/carers can download the ‘ClassCharts’ app which will show any rewards and sanctions your child earns. We also regularly update our school website and Facebook page to help keep you in the know. Prior to your child starting with us in September, you will have been made aware and given the contact details of:

All of our staff have a contact email which follows the format of for example:

A handy checklist for Parents/Carers

Hall Park Academy have provided this useful information for Parents and Carers

Year 6 Transition Guide and Moving Up Booklet

These booklets are designed for parents and children to look at together before September. They cover a range of topics all around the transition from primary to secondary. The activities will help students to start thinking about how things may be different in their new school. We are encouraging all students and parents to work through these booklets together over the summer break. Transition work making use of the booklets will continue in school in September delivered by Tutors and through regular PSHE sessions.

You can download the "Year 6 Transition Guide" here

You can download the "Moving Up Booklet" here


Start Your Engines Booklet

This booklet will give parents and students a real taste of what they can expect to be doing in each subject in Year 7. There are  suggested activities, reading, viewing and visits that will help support  Year 7 learning .

You can download the "Start Your Engines Booklet" here

Equipment & Uniform
Uniform breakdown can be found here
Equipment breakdown can be found here

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