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Class Name: Chaffinches


Our topic for this half term is Heroes.


We'll be looking at stories about superheroes, finding out about the qualities of heroes, and looking at heroes and villains!

We're missing you all so much, but we are loving seeing what you are doing at home when you upload pictures to your portfolio on Class Dojo.



Welcome to Year 1!Image result for clip art chaffinch

We hope that your child enjoys their time in our class. Please see the Newsletter at the bottom of the page to see what we will be doing.

School Closure

Whilst we are unable to open due to the lockdown, we are posting planning, activities and resources on Class Dojo each week to support with Home Learning. Please also remember that you have access to the following websites for support:

Reading:  Use your Bug Club login to access books and comprehension questions.


Phonics  Follow the instructions using the free log in details.


Phonics Screening

Phonics is very important in Year 1. In the Summer term the children will complete a phonic screening test. We work hard towards this throughout the year. Children need to be able to recognise sounds and blend them together to read both real and nonsense words. Throughout the year we will invite parents to meetings and workshops to give ideas on how you can support your child at home.





Reading is an essential part of your child's learning. Your child will be sent home with a colour banded book to match their ability and a guided reading book, which they will have shared in a group at school. Please take time to look at and read their reading books and any other books, with them. When you have read with your child please record this in their reading record. Each time your child reads they will get a stamp on their reading record chart, up to a maximum of two per day.


P.E. will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit in school at all times. Please also remember that children need to have their hair up in a pony-tail and to remove earrings and other jewellery for P.E. If your child has newly pierced ears please pop in and see us.



Each week we ask that you help your child practise their spellings. These will be checked on a Friday and new spellings will be given out. A copy of the spellings will also be posted on our Class Dojo page. Spellings can be practised in different ways such as writing them out using paint, or in sand or practising them with magnetic letters or making a game up with them. You can also look out for them when reading and when you’re out and about. Top Tip: pick words at random rather than going down the list when you are practising the spellings!

Cornerstones Homework

At the start of the term children will be sent home with a homework booklet. All activities link to their in class Imaginative Learning Project and produce creative and exciting outcomes which will be fun to complete with your child. We ask that you could choose and complete at least one of the activities from the list provided. The homework sheet was given out at the start of the term, please see Mrs Patterson or Mrs Wingrove if you have misplaced it and would like another copy. A copy will also be available on our Class Dojo.







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