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Class Name: Owls

This term our topic is:
How High Can I Jump?

Our topic for this half term is titled ‘How high can I jump?’ We will be exploring different types of exercise, sports and ways of moving. This will link with our previous healthy eating work. The children will be joining in with the words and actions for well-known rhymes such as ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. We are also focusing on keeping safe inside and outside when we are playing and also on trying without giving up easily. This builds on all of our Health and Wellbeing work. We are also continuing to look at 3D shapes and recognising numbers and counting. This half term’s British Values are Forgiveness and Happiness.

Welcome to Foundation 1

owl picWe hope you enjoy your time in our class. Please see the Newsletter at the bottom of the page for more information about our class.

Physical Education

The children will have a short session of excercise either in the hall or outdoors, with Mrs Williams. They will stay in their uniform for these sessions. 

Library books

Every Monday your child will choose a new Library book. This is for both you and your child to enjoy and read together. Please remember to return the book every week so they can choose a new book to ensure they are developing a positive attitude to a wide range of texts.


Wow Moments

We would love to hear about any recent achievements, news, or exciting activities that you and your child have been up to at home. In the cloakroom area is our WOW board. Please write any exciting things you would like to share with us on a slip located in the packet on the board. You can also pop to the office and fill in a slip. This will be shared in achievement assembly on a Friday.


Rhyme of the week

Each Monday a new rhyme will be introduced to the children. Your child will bring home a copy of the rhyme for you to practise at home. We will repeat the rhyme each day.

100 things to do before you're 6!

We have sent home a list of '100 things to do before you're 6!' These are fun things that give you some great ways to get everyone in the family involved in having some fun. We would love to see your selfies of you and your child enjoying the some of these activities. Please see the file below for the list. How many can you do? (This has been taken from Shonette Bason-Wood at Spread the Happiness.)

Fun Fridays

Each Friday your child will be taking part in fun activities. For example we might be baking, going on walks around the field, doing large scale art or messy play.


We had a small sprinkling of snow and found lots of ice in the water tray.


To link with our pets topic, we were visited by Woody, a Pet Therapy dog who came with his owner Dudley.


To celebrate Chinese New Year we enjoyed playing in the rice and making marks with chop sticks!


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