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Class Name: Wren

This term our topic is:
Why Is The Music Of Little Mix Loved By So Many?


Welcome to Year 4 Class Wren!


With Miss Wayte!


Spring 2

Why is the music of Little Mix loved by so many?

This term our main focus is Science - we will be learning about sound.

Each week we will answer a different question:

Week 1 

What caused that 'racket' and how do our ears work?

Week 2 

What do we mean by the pitch and volume of sound?

Week 3 

Does sound have the same intensity the further away you go from the source?

Week 4 

Can you create music that would: dazzle the rats; make the children follow; make the town councillors go to sleep?

Week 5 

What do we know about the way telephones work and how they have changed over time?

Week 6 

Reflection: Who wants to be a millionaire? 



English: We will be writing a diary from the perspective of someone that lived in Hamelin during the rat infestation of 1284. We will also be rewriting the traditional tale The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Maths: We will learn about area, multiplication and division and fractions.

PE: Netball and Basketball

Spanish: We will learn the names of items in a pencil case.

Music: We will compose music exploring the pitch, frequency and volume.

RE: Easter

ICT: Hour of code 

PSHE: Aspirations 


 Please see Class Dojo for regular updates and further information. 




Year 4 will have PE on Thursdays. Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit. Earrings should be removed at home or a letter obtained from the office if ears are newly pierced.

Reading & Bug Club

In Key Stage 2, we ask that the children read to someone at home every day for 5 minutes. The reading may consist of a variety of texts; from novels, to recipes, newspapers and even football programmes! Remember to sign and comment your child’s reading.

Don’t forget reading on Bug Club also counts as home reading! Bug Club puts more emphasis on comprehension skills as, ultimately,  this is what children are assessed against at the end of Key Stage 2. The children have to answer the questions, by clicking the little bugs, to score points which they can spend in the shop.

Guided Reading will happen every day for KS2. Miss Wayte will also allocate their guided reading books on Bug Club under the tab, comprehension.

Reading is an essential area where practice at home really pays off!


Spellings Homework

Each week children will be given 10 spellings to learn. These may be to practise a particular spelling rule or will come from the Year 3/4 statutory spellings list. Spelling tests will take place every Friday.


Times Tables 

Please can you encourage your child to learn their times tables and their inverses. They have all received a log in for Times Tables Rock Stars. Please log on to to access their personal page. 

You can also look at the following websites to times tables help:

All Year 4 children will have their multiplication skills formally tested from 2020. Please check here for more information about the multiplication test. If you have any questions, please see Miss Croft or Mrs Bland. 

Break and Snack 

Year 3/4 break time is at 10-10:15.

Children can bring in their own healthy snack (fruit, vegetables). Each child now has their own tray within the classroom so that they can store their valuables.

Children need to bring their water bottle into the classroom everyday which can be used throughout the day. Although these water bottles will not be available at lunchtime, so you may wish to send a named carton of juice or named juice bottle at lunchtime for your child to access if you wish.



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