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Class Name: Wrens

This term our topic is:
Traders And Raiders

Big and strong, powerful and brave, the Saxons waved their battle axes and brandished their swords as they invaded Britain’s shores. The Romans returned to Italy leaving behind empty forts and quiet roads. Anglo Saxons were settling well in Britain but not for long.Battles were rife and fear reigned as bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia began to raid the lands. It wasn’t easy being a Anglo Saxon king! We will learn about the life of Saxons, including how they lived and where they came from and why Vikings left their home lands. We’ll make Anglo- Saxon charms using the runic alphabet and a Viking brooch using intricate patterns. In English, we will explore Kenning poetry and write our own. Anglo Saxons used kennings lots and can be seen in the original version of 'Beowulf' which contains over a thousand kennings! We will also write and present an explanation about the Battle of Britain towards the end of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period in 1066; The Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings 

Welcome Year 4 Class Wren

Welcome to our class page!

We have got some exciting themes this year and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Our themes are: Fallen Fields, Road Trip USA, Potions, Blue Abyss, Traders and Raiders and Misty Mountains. Miss Croft.

RE & British Values

This half term, we will be focusing on teamwork and confidence as apart of our Brinsley Values. The children will be talking about what these words mean. In RE, we will be learning about Easter with Mrs Taylor every Tuesday. 


Our PE day will take place on Monday morning with the Next Level Sports Coach. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. Earrings should be removed at home or a letter obtained from the office if ears are newly pierced.

Reading & Bug Club

In Key Stage 2, we ask that the children read to someone at home every day for 5 minutes. The reading may consist of a variety of texts; from novels, to recipes, newspapers and even football programmes! Remember to sign and comment your child’s reading record in order to received a star stamp. Star stamps will be awarded on the chart inside the front cover. The more stars you get, the more certificates you get!

Don’t forget reading on Bug Club also counts as home reading! Bug Club puts more emphasis on comprehension skills as, ultimately,  this is what children are assessed against at the end of Key Stage 2. The children have to answer the questions, by clicking the little bugs, to score points which they can spend in the shop.

Guided Reading will happen every day for KS2. Miss Croft will also allocate their guided reading books on Bug Club under the tab, comprehension.

Reading is an essential area where practice at home really pays off!

Cornerstones Homework

New homework will be given out for each theme, with a list of exciting things to do at home. Children can bring their homework into school to share with the class and receive a well done dot. We had some great pieces last year – thank you for your support with this. 

Spellings Homework

Each week children will be given between 8-10 spellings to learn at home from the National Curriculum, Year 3-4 common exception words and taught patterns that are tested every Tuesday. 

Maths Homework

There will be a weekly cycle of maths homework consisting of one piece of Maths homework which will consolidate or challenge learning in the classroom. This will be handed in on a Monday and then returned to your child on the same day.

Break and Snack 

KS2 break time is at 10:10-10:25.

If you want your child to have snack please send enough money for the week in a named purse or wallet. Each child now has their own tray within the classroom so that they can store their valuables.

Children need to bring their water bottle into the classroom everyday which can be used throughout the day. Although these water bottles will not be available at lunchtime, so you may wish to send a named carton of juice or named juice bottle at lunchtime for your child to access if you wish.



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