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Class Name: Robins

This term our topic is:
Will You Read Me A Story?

This half term we are exploring magic, fairy tales, goodies and baddies! Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? These are some of the questions we will ask!

We will also be learning about the Christmas story and linking this to our Foundation Stage Nativity. 

Welcome to Foundation Unit 2robin

We hope that your child has a fantastic time in our lovely class.


Your child will be sent home with a colour banded book to match their ability and a library book. Your child will have the opportunity to read to a member of staff each week and on this day will change both their books. However, please ensure that your child’s library book, reading book and reading diary is in their book bag every day. Please listen to your child read during the week. If your child finds some of the words difficult, remind them to use their phonics for support. Alongside reading the text, ask your child questions about the book and what they think might happen next in the story. Please write a comment each time you listen to your child read or share a storybook together.  Frequent readers will receive certificates to celebrate their hard work. Please see our notice board to find out your child's reading day.


Children will be sent home with a set of keywords for them to practise reading. Children will be asked to read these words to a member of staff each week on their designated reading day. If your child confidently and correctly reads all of their words they will be given a new set to learn. Please ensure that keywords are in your child’s book bag every day.


PE will be on a Friday with the Sports Coach. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school every day and that everything is labelled clearly. PE kit should include a t-shirt, shorts, joggers, socks and plimsolls. Earrings must not be worn on PE days. If your child has newly pierced ears, please inform the school office and fill out a permission slip.


Children will be sent home with a maths resource pack. Please use these activities to support your child's maths development. Please encourage your child to respect the resources as they may need to return them to school. Maths packs will be sent home in the Spring term.

Wow Moments

We would love to hear about any recent achievements, news, or exciting activities that you and your child have been up to at home. Please write any exciting things you would like to share with us on a wow slip. All completed slips are to be given to a member of staff as we can then share these with the class and display them.


Please ensure that book bags come to school every day with your child’s reading book, reading diary, library book and keywords inside.

Children have the opportunity to learn outside every day and need appropriate clothing for the weather.

Please can you ensure that all your child's belongings are clearly labelled.


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