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At Brinsley Primary and Nursery School we aim to make our learning appealing, sparking the interest, enthusiasm and curiosity in all our children. This ethos runs through everything we do from day to day lessons, our learning environment, visits and visitors and extra-curricular activities. We want our curriculum to be meaningful for children giving them a real sense of purpose when they learn. Children learn where they feel safe and are listened to, where they are valued and loved, where they are stimulated and challenged and where they ‘have fun!’

We aim for our curriculum to be skills based and knowledge rich. Throughout school we follow the Focus Curriculum and this enables children and teachers to provide high quality subject specific lessons. Our curriculum embeds this through a range of enquiry and topic based questions, each focussing around a key text for the half term.
We understand and are committed to the development of the ‘whole child’ and acknowledge such literacy and numeracy skills are essential but are only part of the education jigsaw. All pieces are important. We want children to leave Brinsley with a thirst for learning, to be independent thinkers and to care for the environment with self-worth and confidence, with a care for the world and care for each other.

We want our school values to be embedded within our children and we want to educate them to be citizens who care for others and the community, who care for all things around them, including animals and the environment.

Obviously at the core of any primary curriculum is Reading. As a result please follow this link for more information on the deliver of Reading at Brinsley Primary & Nursery School.

Curriculum sequencing is vital. There needs to be a clear, logical and strategic sequence of knowledge and skills from our youngest right up to our oldest children. With this in mind please see attached the various progression documents for the Brinsley Curriculum.

For more information on the subjects taught at Brinsley Primary and Nursery School  you can refer to the individual policy and planning documents we have:


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