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Investors In Pupils

Investors In Pupils Award

In October 2018 our school once again achieved accreditation for Investors in Pupils status!
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Success Criteria:

  • Achieving the Investors in Pupils standards
  • All pupils understand why they go to school/how schools operate
  • Pupils understand the central role they play in their future and the school’s success
  • Pupils develop additional skills in group decision making, communication, negotiation and presentation

Key Objectives:

  • To provide a whole school framework for pupil participation
  • To empower pupils through involving them in every day decision making process
  • To help create a team ethos and strengthen relationships between pupils and between staff and pupils
  • To help improve the confidence and self-esteem of pupils
  • To help raise pupil achievement and motivation to learn
  • To help raise pupil attendance and improve punctuality
  • To help promote positive behaviour and a greater social awareness

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