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Coronavirus - Covid 19


We are now a few weeks into social distancing and 'lock down' and I just wanted to remind people to keep referring to the updates and newsletters posted on this website.

As children inevitably seek answers to their questions regarding the strange and difficult times we now live in please have a look at the book in this link by Axel Scheffler (the illustrator that works with Julia Donaldson) using the knowledge of Professor Graham Medley, to help explain. 



Can I also remind parents/carers that all of the distance learning materials that are mentioned below are on Class Dojo and the various other platforms that are being used across the school. I have been incredibly impressed at how well this work has been supported by families and children. Please keep referring to Class Dojo as this work is regularly updated.

Working remotely - Children's 'homework'

Teaching staff have given a lot of thought to what the children can do at home to support their learning and keep their brains ticking over. Please find below a link to a letter all of the teachers have shared regarding what work they are making available.

Please note this work can be shared with the teachers and every week or two it will be refreshed over the course of the school closure (excluding school holidays).

Please email your class teacher or phone school should you have any questions or concerns. The letters from the teachers can be found below.


As of March 18th the Prime Minister has said that all schools will close from 23/03/2020.

Of course that is with two exceptions:

  1. "Vulnerable children" - those with an EHCP, Looked After Children and children with some sort of social care involvement.
  2. Children with "key workers" as parents

Who exactly are "key workers?" Please follow this link.

What happens if these families do not want to, or need to send their children to school? The government's guidance is clear on this issue: If you can keep your children at home, you should keep your children at home.

How can Free School Meals children be supported? Please follow this link. As of 6/04/2020 Brinsley Primary School has accessed the government FSM voucher scheme.


Please keep looking at our website, our Facebook page, our emails/texts, Class Dojo, etc.


For information on the government's coronavirus action plan, please follow this link.

For information on what to do should you need to self-isolate, please follow this link.

For the latest information and updates on coronavirus, please follow this link.


Department for Education coronavirus helpline




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