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Coronavirus - Covid 19


Update on school procedures - Coronavirus - September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and that you are looking forward to the children returning to school on Thursday 2 September. We hope the children are feeling well-rested and excited about coming back to school. I said I would update you at the end of the holidays regarding the management of Coronavirus in school. Changes which impact most directly on school are detailed below and are based on the government guidance and the current national picture. Obviously as this changes so too will our procedures, but we will always keep you updated as soon as these changes happen.

The start and end of the school day.

There are no staggered starts or ends to the school day. This means from September the children will begin school at 8.45am (apart from Nursery/FS1 morning sessions that start at 8:30am) and finish the day at 3.15pm. We would still ask that we spread our entry and exit to the school across our different gates – this helps with congestion. So whenever possible we would ask:

  • FS1 & FS2 enter by the staff carpark
  • Year 1 & 2 enter by the school office
  • Year 5 & 6 enter by the playground – Moor Road
  • Year 3 & 4 enter by the gate on The Moor

With most children arriving at the same time we anticipate traffic will increase. Please help us, stay healthy and enjoy the warmer weather by walking/scooting/riding to school whenever possible.

It helped with congestion in school with KS2 parents waiting on the other side of the fence for their children. Although for the first few weeks we would understand if our new Year 3 parents would like to bring their children on site.

Masks and face coverings

At this point in time there is no requirement for staff, children or visitors to wear masks or face coverings. This may change should there be a local outbreak however. Similarly if people feel more comfortable wearing a face covering when in and around school, please feel free to.

Health and Safety routines that will continue in September

We will be continuing with handwashing and sanitising regimes, enhanced cleaning and ventilation. Adults in school will continue to take twice weekly lateral flow tests.

Contacting the school office and class teachers

Even when parents and carers are back on site, please could people try to email or ring the office if they have queries rather than physically coming to the office. The spaces for people to stand are very tight. Everyone has got used to contacting the school offices in different ways and this is really helpful. Similarly if you would like to contact or talk to your class teacher or staff, please:

  • Send them a message on ClassDojo
  • Catch them briefly at the beginning/end of the day when they are welcoming/dismissing the class outside
  • Send them a message through the school office 01773 783898 or
  • At this point in time we would prefer to limit people inside classroom spaces and buildings to staff and children, therefore minimising congestion.

Internal school procedures

There are a range of different things that happen during the course of the school day that will change back to the way they were, or may well remain the same of the coming weeks. We will notify parents as these changes happen. For example:

  • Assemblies – We will gradually build back to having whole school assemblies and inviting parents in for the Friday celebration assembly.
  • Lunchtimes – We will move towards having school dinners back in the school hall and not in classrooms.
  • PE days - We will continue to ask for children to attend school in their PE kit on their PE days. We found this saved a lot of time. Teachers will let you know what days these are.

What will happen if a child or family member tests positive for Coronavirus?

Schools are no longer responsible for identifying close contacts of children who have tested positive - this is the sole responsibility of NHS Test and Trace. From the 16th August all children under the age of 18 do not have to isolate if they have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive and can continue coming into school. We will let families know if there has been a case in their child’s class so that you can closely monitor your child for any signs of Coronavirus or choose to take them for a test to make sure that they are negative. The only person who has to isolate for 10 days is the person who has tested positive (plus any adults in the household who have not had both vaccines). The child isolating may return to school after 10 days so long as they are feeling well and have no temperature.

If a member of your household tests positive, children in that household may come into school. They do not need to self- isolate. However we would encourage, as will NHS Test and Trace, that all members of the household get a PCR test to ensure that any child returning to school is not carrying the virus.

We are hoping everyone settles back into school life positively and quickly. We will of course keep you updated of any changes to Coronavirus measures in schools as we know about them. We are hoping to see parents and carers much more this year as volunteers or at events. We will let you know event by event whether we can invite parents into school.

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of the holidays and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 2nd September.

Kind regards

Jason Osprey Head Teacher


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